Welcome to the site of the Process-oriented approach for patient-centered care delivery (ProCare) workshop, to be organized at the Pervasive Health 2015 conference on May 20th, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey


Stimulating innovation through the introduction of novel IT solutions is by default a multidisciplinary field, certainly in pervasive healthcare. Supporting and solving healthcare problems need holistically combined methods and insights. Aligning a complex ecosystem of stakeholders with different goals, backgrounds and perspectives, such as care delivery (medicine, home care), IT (communication, hardware, software, media), organizational, economic, legal and user perspectives, is one of the main hurdles to be tackled.

Few focus has been paid to the introduction of efficient and effective processes behind this innovation in order to integrate the solution in this complex care and cure ecosystem. Achieving a truly combined approach on research, product development, process design, management, improvement and optimization, and measurement system through key performance indicators (KPIs) when introducing pervasive healthcare systems still proves to be challenging.

This workshop aims to:

  • showcase and discuss case studies;

  • spur discussion on future research topics such as challenges and new methodologies;

  • bring together a diverse public on this topic to exchange knowledge and showcase the benefits of process thinking in care & cure environment;

  • develop guidelines on how to stimulate process thinking and how to avoid pitfalls. 

Author timeline

Paper submission
March 15th, 2015
March 31st, 2015
Final paper submission
April 10th, 2015